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Great emcees create surprises and memories

Last night was Super Bowl 50 and the season is now officially over. You may be a casual football fan up against my elite football mind, and yet I am still interested in what you thought about the game. Were there enough innings in last night’s interplay to satisfy your thirst for rallies?

I hope so. I hope your squadron prevailed.

Speaking of surprising me, I have the most creative clients that always think in ways I marvel at. Years ago a company was entertaining clients at a Super Bowl party at a hotel on the “gathering" day of a two day meeting. At halftime, they flew me in to be live entertainment instead of the halftime show. I love a challenge. I was also reminded audiences always appreciate a laugh and a moment of amazement that will stick longer than Janet Jackson’s wardrobe.

Live performances will always get the biggest attention! Plus, when I show up I do what you can’t do, your neighbor’s can’t do, and your nephew can’t do... unless your nephew is David Blaine.

I ran into a person in attendance years later in another city that spotted me and remembered me and told me what was still baffling him. I was delighted. I remember learning how to ride a bike and writing this blog post. This guy recalled a live halftime show with some jokes and tricks and years later is still ruminating on it.

This is all to say, some people have really good memories.

That’s what I do….create memories.

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